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My stroke, my recovery and why I share my story.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death, with approximately 7 million stroke survivors in the United States alone. At age 35, I became a survivor, too. How can someone so young have a stroke? Believe it or not, about 10% of strokes occur between the ages of 18-50. Risk factors such as high blood [...]

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The power of philanthropy on college campuses

Most students touring college campuses ask questions like, “How’s the food in the dining hall?” or “How’s your baseball team doing?” But when Ashley was applying to colleges, she would ask, “How’s your Dance Marathon program?” Dance Marathon has been a part of Ashley’s life since she was a freshman in high school. Her school [...]

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National Pancake Day Makes a Sweet Impact

National Pancake Day was a sweet way for people across America to sit down and enjoy a free stack of pancakes from IHOP while making a huge difference to patients at local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals including Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System. These campaigns go a long way in making an experience for a child [...]

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Giving from the heart

What puts heart into a gift? For Jane Eanes, it’s helping others by honoring her sister, Carol Ann Freeman. Carol Ann was deaf and underwent countless surgeries for her many other physical conditions. At that time, hospitals didn’t have interpreters or child life specialists to help Carol Ann and her family cope with the stress of her frequent hospital stays.

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Fellowship, Good Food and Gratitude

On October 19, 22 physicians, staff and guests gathered at the newly named Ferlauto Center for Complex Pediatric Care to give thanks to the couple (and family) who made the Ferlauto Center possible—Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Natalina Ferlauto. The center is a “one-stop” oasis for children with complex health conditions who may require multiple physicians, [...]

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