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You Can Make a Difference at Any Age

Recently I was able to go to Camp Courage, a local camp for Children’s Hospital patients with cancer and blood disorders. Jenn, Catherine, and I were joined by a group of teenagers from Riverside High School. Throughout the tour of Camp Courage, I talked with some of the group members about what they did in [...]

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The Summer of Yes!

I’m Catherine Allen, I’m a proud rising senior at Furman University, I’m an Alabama native, and I’m excited to share my experiences as an intern in the Office of Philanthropy & Partnership with you. In my short time as an intern so far, I’ve discovered that the reaction to sickness can be a simple word: [...]

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The art of saying thank you

Ever find unexpected joys in your job? Things that, on your first day at work, you may not have expected but that you now embrace wholeheartedly? For me, it’s a simple thing: Saying thank you to donors. Now, as much as I love saying thank you with a handwritten card or with a special celebration, [...]

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What I’m Thankful For…

Since the beginning of November, people have been participating in the daily “I am thankful for” Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts. Each day, I look forward to seeing the various things people decide to give thanks for that day, from things like family and friends to Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  In the spirit [...]

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Random bits of Radiothon

I sat at Children’s Hospital Radiothon last week, surrounded by tons of great stories, and I thought, “I should write my blog post right now, while I’m sitting  here in the middle of everything.” Yeah. That didn’t really work. The thing about Radiothon is that every minute is made up of a tender moment. These [...]

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