Greenville Health System's Children's Hospital awarded opportunity

Greenville Health System’s Children’s Hospital was awarded the opportunity to participate in a consortium of organizations, led by the United Way, to begin a systemic change in one of the most impoverished and underserved areas of our county – The White Horse Road corridor.  This opportunity came in the form of a grant of nearly $190,000 which will be matched with dollars from the children’s hospital and Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy and our focus will be on the implementation of school based health clinics in Berea, Tanglewood, and Lakeview Middle Schools. 

These clinics, in addition to providing non-emergent care, basic prescriptions and medications (via a portable pharmacy kit), and chronic disease management, will also provide referrals to other necessary services such as mental health and dental care.  A nurse practitioner and registered nurse will be hired on site at each of the three middle schools one to two days per week.

The Children’s Hospital work will be complemented by four other partners, along with the United Way, who initiated the entire program when they successfully acquired an initial $3 million grant which could stretch to $5 million from the Social Innovation Fund, A White House initiative and program of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The program will all come together under the title of OnTrack Greenville which will provide an early warning and response system for middle grade students who are in danger of not graduating high school.  These programs have been launched in other places and met with great success.

Other partners include Building Educated Leaders for Life which will provide a summer school program to students who are struggling academically; Communities in Schools which will place coordinators in schools to work individually with the most at-risk students and their families; Greenville County Schools which will employ mental health specialists at each school and also develop teen leadership classes to develop esteem and skills and Public education Partners who will work with South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science at Clemson University to provide high quality teacher training and coaching in literacy and instruction strategies at each school.

Children’s Hospital is thrilled to be a part of this incredible joint effort to eliminate barriers to student success through this coordinated Early Warning and Response System.  Our collective goal is to build on what we learn in the White Horse community and develop a proven model that can be expanded to other schools and benefit students through the county and beyond.