Hazel's Story

Children's Hospital isn't just a place where Hazel Hill receives treatment - it's a place where she finds support, encouragement and friendship.
For Hazel Hill, age 9, a day without doctors is a good day. As a 2-year-old, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affects the whole body but is most known by sufferers’ frequent lung infections and severe breathing problems.
Twice every day, Hazel undergoes treatment at home in a special vest that shakes her body to loosen the mucous in her lungs. When a respiratory infection strikes, home treatments aren’t enough. Several times a year, Hazel stays at Children’s Hospital for two or three weeks at a time, getting four vest treatments a day. Hazel also has had surgery to remove part of a lung – she has been coming to Children’s Hospital long enough to know the staff very well.
“I really like the nurses that take care of me: Noelle, Misty, Mandy, Evie and Melanie,” the fourth-grader said. “I also like seeing Dr. Gwinn and Dr. Abrams, and Memory, my Child Life specialist. They are all so kind to me, especially Memory, when I was nervous before my surgery.”          
This year, community support through Children’s Hospital Radiothon provided a surgery teaching doll to help children such as Hazel. Child Life specialists use medical play to ease children’s fears by educating them about surgical procedures in a way they can see and understand. Many of the items purchased with funds raised by Radiothon are for that purpose.

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