Jeni's Story

While cancer is a devastating illness, there are many ways for us to fight it. Jeni Schumacher partners with friends to fight cancer for herself, her family, and others battling the disease.
Jeni Schumacher has battled skin cancer for seven years. In that time, the 38-year-old YMCA employee has endured more than 85 surgeries to remove cancerous spots from her body. Unfortunately, she has always been familiar with the disease, as her father and grandfather were also victims of skin cancer.
Jeni is strongly committed to beating cancer, both hers and others'.
“My thoughts are this: If I don’t become aggressive with involving myself in research for a cure, then I am not doing my part. I want my efforts with research to be equally important as efforts with my own treatments,” Jeni said.
Kevin Dunn, the president of P3, an Upstate cancer research and advocacy charity, approached Jeni to be a part of the P3C3 ride to Texas. While she couldn’t make the ride herself due to her sensitivity to the sun, she recruited a friend to ride for her.
“I asked a friend, Rob Dempsey, to see if he could help me out. He is a dedicated Christian, a husband, a father, an employee at HIS RADIO, and an athlete who has overcome obesity. When he agreed to ride on my behalf, I was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. He has chosen to take on the natural elements and physical burden that I would be unable to do in this event. Rob committed to be my ambassador and, in a sense, so did his family.”
The P3 ride means a great deal to Jeni and to all of its participants.
“By involving myself in P3, I want to be able to pave the road for my children in the event that I have passed this disease on to them," she said. "My 8-year-old twin girls, Morgan and Nicole, have such a clear picture of what I go through when I visit the doctor. They see their mom with a positive approach to this disease with no regrets.”

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