Madison's Story


Sonya's daughter Maddie has spent much of her childhood in Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System. Over the past three years Maddie has received hundreds of procedures and dozens of treatments to manage her rare diagnosis of gastroparesis, an incurable condition that does not allow her to accept nutrition normally in her stomach.

When Maddie was first admitted before her diagnosis, she received an emergency feeding tube. This was a scary process for Maddie and after the procedure, a Child Life Specialist took the time to sit down with Maddie, ask her how she was feeling and gave her the tools to express what she was feeling through art. Experiences like this aren't possible without support from the community.

Months later, Maddie would need to undergo surgrery to receive a a port to accept nutrition. This life change was drastic for Maddie and her family and brought numerous physical and emotional changes for her and her familiy. The process to take care of a port was daunting for Maddie and her family, but medical staff stepped in with medical play dolls to help demonstrate how the port would function and how to take care of her port. These items and opportunities are not typical of hospitals, but can be just as important as the medical care children receive.

In the midst of the hospital stays, Maddie's mom, Sonya, could not be more thankful for the support Children's Hospital has provided her family. They have eased fears and anxieties and have made Maddie feel like a kid even when they have had to celebrate holidays and special ocassions in the hospital. From the toys and art supplies, to Medical Care bears and Beads of Courage, the list of blessings the family receives thanks to community support goes on and on.

These items provide Maddie with emotional support and strength and help her to just be a kid no matter her circumstances. She is an illustration of how one small gesture can make a large and lasting impact. Thank you for making these miracles possible.



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