Myron's Story

As amazing as it sounds, the primary difficulty experienced by patients undergoing cancer treatment is not pain, soreness, or nausea Ė itís weakness and fatigue. With more patients living longer and surviving the disease, the Cancer Center at Greenville Health System (GHS) is working with patients to treat their fatigue and improve their quality of life.

Myron Alderman is a two-time cancer survivor who knows all about the challenges that come with cancer treatment. He is a recent graduate of Moving On, the new Oncology Rehabilitation program at GHS. Here's his story, in his own words:

"My name is Myron Alderman. I am a two-time cancer survivor.

In November 2008, I had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma. Since the source of my melanoma is unknown, I chose to go through interferon treatments to increase my chances of long-term survival.

These treatments, the extensive surgery, and months of limited activity weakened my body significantly and caused me to lose 54 pounds. I asked Dr. Gluck if there was a rehab therapy available to get my strength and stamina back. I found out that the GHS Cancer Center was finalizing a program, and I was blessed to be considered as one of its first participants.

Before starting the Moving On program I had severe fatigue, making few trips outside my home. I could not do the simplest of tasks and could hardly drive myself to appointments or church. After being in the program for six weeks, I can now take longer trips and do many of the things I did before having surgery. I recently drove three hours to my motherís home for Motherís Day, and while I was fatigued, it was much less noticeable than before.

If I had been left to recover on my own, I am convinced that my recovery would have been many months longer, and I may never have fully recovered. This program is more than physical fitness. It gave me the incentive to improve myself in other areas of my life. I have learned to eat better through classes in nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I want to thank all of the persons involved with the Cancer Center for making this program possible and a special thank you to those who have given of their time, talent, and treasure to give me and others our normal lives back."

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