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Jennifer Clouse, 20, was one of the first moms in our Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program, a national, evidence-based initiative that improves the health and life course of low-income, first-time mothers and their children.

She delivered Jayden in December 2009 and attributes her healthy pregnancy and growing child to the NFP.

“My nurse Lisa has really helped me be a better mom,” Jennifer said. “She helped me realize how important these years are for Jayden. The way I care for him now will affect him for the rest of his life!”

Early in her pregnancy, each NFP mother is paired with a registered nurse who shares health information and regularly visits the family for wellness check-ups through the child’s second birthday. Guidance is offered on subjects ranging from vitamins and prenatal care to potty training and household safety. Nurses even encourage new moms to continue their education and find employment.

Jennifer followed Lisa's prenatal care advice to the letter and spends her days reading or interacting with Jayden. Some of their favorite activities are free or low-cost Greenville County development programs, such as Gymboree, and library programs. Jennifer isn’t just a stay-at-home mom.

When fiancé Matthew (Jayden’s dad) returns from work, Jennifer attends college classes. She’s doing all she can to make a great life for her family.

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