Tyler's Story


Tyler Page is on the path to recovery, thanks to rehabilitation at Roger C. Peace Hospital. 

When Tyler Page was 22, he suffered a brain injury in Spartanburg after returning to college from a break. He was transferred to RCP where family members would take turns staying in his room to provide company and support. Tyler now participates in RCP’s outpatient brain injury program three days a week, and his grandparents, who live in Union, travel more than 400 miles each week to transport him back and forth to therapies while his mom works.

Because many families like Tyler's feel the strain of that extra time and travel, RCP has placed a high priority on raising support for The Peace House, a project that hopes to improve access to care and provide hope and support for traveling patients and their families in the form of a place to stay. When completed in late spring, The Peace House will hold up to six families in a space offering both privacy as well as common spaces for interaction and support from other families facing similar challenges.

“It would have helped us then and now to have The Peace House,” said Tyler's grandfather. “We’re grateful the community has provided support to make it possible.”

Along with providing families with a safe, comfortable place to stay, The Peace House also will allow RCP to better serve our service members returning from battle. Thousands of injured troops returning from recent wars have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and RCP is uniquely equipped to provide treatment for their injuries.

“The Peace House will function as a ‘home away from home’ for our patients and their families," said Elaine Phillips, M.S.P., CCC-SLP, manager of the RCP Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. "It will decrease their travel costs, lower their stress and allow them to focus on what’s important – rehabilitation and recovery."

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