Flo & Jennifer's Story

Flo and Jennifer have made life changes with help from Every Woman.  
Type II diabetes is a preventable disease but millions are at risk. Flo and Jennifer have a family history of diabetes and are working to prevent it with information from community education programs.  Here's their story, in their own words: 

We have a family history of diabetes; it’s taken a toll on our parents. For our own protection, we’ve decided to arm ourselves with information and take charge of our health. History will not repeat itself if we have anything to do with it.
We’ve both seen firsthand the difficulties diabetics face on a daily basis. We have watched and cared for our parents as their diabetes progressed. That inspired us to be proactive in our own fight against the disease.
We actively participate in many Every Woman programs offered to the community by the Greenville Health System University Medical Center (GHS) and have learned about how the value of being healthy can help one prevent diabetes.
Because of our family history, we know that we are at risk for developing diabetes and want to do all we can to reduce our risk. We discussed our risk factors with a physician and continue to monitor our health carefully. We established a medical home with the physicians at New Horizons before we developed health issues.
We have both been part of Every Woman and Activate Upstate, which has provided us with insight into the disease and how to prevent it. We’ve learned how to shop for, prepare, and eat healthy foods. We have also realized the importance of exercise through joining Activate Upstate – now we try to keep moving.
Diabetes is a horrible disease that affects many of us in the Upstate. Through programs like Every Woman and Activate Upstate, people in the community are given the knowledge to reduce their chances of contracting type II diabetes. If it weren’t for these programs, our story might be different.

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